How 'bout them apples...

Last weekend we hit up Huber's Orchard & Winery for some apple picking with our friends Heather and Ryan. It's been a tradition for the last 3 years to go there with them - usually for pumpkin picking though! Hopefully we will all make it back together in October to pick our pumpkins! Heather and Ryan are getting married tomorrow and then are going on their honeymoon to Australia (!) so fingers crossed we can all find a day to go once they get back.

We ended up in an apple orchard on the other side of the property and it took about forever for the tractor to come pick us up. I was almost worried we would starve, but luckily there were plenty of apples to eat. Phew.

To pass the time while waiting for said tractor, the boys had contests to see who could hold the bag of apples out the longest with one arm.

Josh and Ryan both lasted a little over a minute. Heather and I tried and both only lasted 8 seconds. What the heck! We really thought it would be at least 10.

Once we finally got rescued by the tractor, we had some homemade pumpkin ice cream... because obviously.

Sooo good.

We will be back for pumpkins soon, Hubers!

Happy Friday!
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