oh no! the big 5-0!

i'm interrupting the hawaii re-cap posts for a little update about real life. not that hawaii wasn't real life (because despite my greatest efforts we didn't purchase any real estate while we were there so we could move there even though we talked about it) ... but, well, you know what i mean.

anyway. on saturday i threw my momma a surprise party for her 50th birthday (& yes i am already blogging about it! I KNOW!) i started planning it 2.5 months ago at the end of june, and by planning it i mean i made a facebook event page, invited everyone i could think of, and left it at that. i knew july and august were crazy for us between mine & family birthdays, hawaii, general summer craziness, etc... that i wanted to get the word out because by the time we got home from hawaii the party would be 3 weeks later. plus i am 99% sure we've had something going on every single weekend since june.. so yeah, life has been crazy. but in a good way. and i'm not complaining one bit because life is good. it's really good. the kind of good where someone like me (whose general tendency is to freak out) is side-eye-ing all over the place waiting for something to come crashing down. i'm really trying to work on that whole enjoying the moment thing so for now, i will just enjoy this one and say that this party? it was amazing. like, i could have barfed a rainbow i felt so happy about how it all worked out.

i told my mom i wanted to take her out to dinner for her birthday a few weeks ago. she told me that her friend dan had wanted to make plans with her that afternoon, so maybe she could invite him to dinner as well. perfect! dan could deliver the birthday girl and i didn't even have to come up with some weird shenanigans that might make her suspicious... she already had the plans. so the final plan was that she and dan would pick me and josh up for dinner.

(side note: i told my mom we could go anywhere she wanted for her birthday. ANYWHERE. where does she choose? rocky's italian bistro because she has a coupon for a FREE BIRTHDAY MEAL. she wanted me to take her to dinner at a place her meal would be free anyway. this is why i thought my mom deserved the best party ever for her birthday. she is never thinking about herself!)

anyway, the party... it was PERFECT! there were a few people who couldn't make it that i wish could have, but over all it was amazing! my mom's best friend from high school was able to make it (and drove over 2 hours to be here!), one of her favorite aunts also drove 2 hours, our old neighbors from when i was growing up, some of her favorite co-workers... so many people. and she was legit surprised. like she had absolutely no idea! it was awesome! i didn't get to see her face since i'm the one that opened the door to let her in and then followed her around to the living room where everyone was (and the camera missed it because we thought she'd notice everyone in the foyer when she first walked in but she didn't!) but her reaction was priceless. my goal was to make the day special for her and i think i was able to pull it off with the help of everyone else!

so i tried really hard to make a two-layer cake. who did i think i was? betty crocker i am not. i ruined the cake about an hour before the party. cue expletives and a mad dash to the bakery. i wanted a round cake and my mom's favorite is yellow. well they only had chocolate. so i grabbed it and then i saw this tiny strawberry one so i grabbed that too. i put them together because i'm super creative and it was actually a hit! apparently chocolate covered strawberry (the flavor i named the cake) is the cool new cake flavor! everyone loved it! or maybe they were just making me feel better about ruining the cake, but it was pretty tasty!

my mom's best friend since high school! i love it!

i love my aunt kathy... she's my favorite :)

i love these ladies! i know i'm always talking about how awesome our neighbors are, but i had some pretty awesome neighbors growing up as well. we lived across the street from sabeena (on the left) and next door to barbara (right) for almost 10 years. they say it takes a village to raise a child, i think i had a pretty good one! so thankful they're still in our lives 20 years later!

snuggles with my sister... and kosmo who you can't see! ;)

present time! she mentioned a few weeks ago when she was at my grammy's house for labor day she fought bubby (seen in this post) for his tablet to play candy crush on. so even though she just asked me for some $10 reading glasses from tj maxx for her birthday, we got her her very own tablet. i think her facial expression says it all :)

she also came out with a redneck wine glass compliments of aunt kathy, a new camping chair, some sweet gift cards i may steal, and more! not too shabby for a party you weren't even expecting to have!

after dinner we took adam down to the studio because he needed a new head shot for his website. i'm pretty sure he should just use this one but jury is still out on whether or not he will. i mean, i'm obviously saying, "this is THE BEST chiropractor EVER!" right?! it's perfect!

we were laughing about how his outfit looked like a mullet... business on the top, party on the bottom! and we ended the night laughing about the "ermahgerd" girl... and josh, adam, & jenn hacking my facebook picture.


oh man, good times.

 happy birthday, mom! i hope you had a wonderful birthday & that 50 is your best year yet! xoxo!
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