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welp, it's official! josh and i are now foster parents to this sweet girl!

her name is jill. and no, i didn't take that photo but isn't she adorable?! she's a 2 year old black mouth cur mix who weighs about 50lbs. she's from one of the local dog rescues that i follow on facebook. i first saw her on there several months ago. something about her has stuck with me and i couldn't get her out of my mind. she's a sweet girl who has had a foster home before that loved her, but they couldn't keep her because she jumps the fence. so, i thought to myself, self, maybe she would respond well to the invisible fence... it has a 99% success rating, after all. she's been in boarding ever since, for almost a year. boarding centers are great (they're not shelters so i know she wasn't living on a cold concrete floor with no interaction whatsoever), but it's still not a home.

but i wrestled with all the normal anxieties of bringing another dog into our home.... i felt like life was perfect with our two bostons. i didn't want to mess it up... what if lola doesn't like her? (she's picky sometimes. kosmo, on the other hand, thinks everyone is his best friend!) what if it messes up the dynamic between kosmo and lola? 3's an odd number, what if someone feels left out? she's a bigger dog.. i'm used to my little ones, what if she's too messy? what if it's too stressful... too expensive... too whatever? what if it just doesn't work out? it would break my heart to have to take her back. i kept hoping that someone would step up to foster or adopt her. but as i checked for months and months, she was still there. finally, i got it through my thick skull that maybe that someone was me. maybe we're who she's meant to be with for the time being. maybe she needs the invisible fence, maybe she will be the perfect running partner for josh (and me if i ever get back at it!), maybe, just maybe... it will all work out great.

and you know what? if for some reason it doesn't, at least we tried. i would rather try and fail than not try at all. i read too many heart breaking stories about dogs that are killed in shelters simply because there's not enough space for them.. animals that are abused and live horrible lives, never knowing the love that they so freely give us themselves. i wish i could do so much more to help, but if all i can do is help one dog then at least we've made a difference in the life of that one dog.  (and technically, lola was a rescue dog too but thank goodness she never lived a bad life. we got her at 8 weeks old :)) one day when i hit the lottery i will buy a big farm and rescue a bunch of doggies! until then, we'll be foster parents :)

so, i finally submitted the foster application after about 3 months of dwelling on it, and here we are! so we are currently doggy parents to 3 fur babies and so far so good!

that last picture makes me so happy. i was so worried about how lola would transition into having 3 dogs here but she has done so well about sharing her house (yes, it is her house. josh and i both know it. she doesn't pay the mortgage, but she is the boss! ;))! dare i say it, she and jilly may even be friends now! she puts her paw on jill's head and gives her kisses (as shown above)... so sweet. and they all play great together! jill seems to really know how rough she can be with them since she is a little bigger.

and jill has done great! she has made herself right at home! we are working on her manners (she gets excited and likes to jump when you walk in the house, etc) but that's to be expected since she's been in boarding so long and not in a home. she is already walking so much better on the leash than she was on sunday and has pretty much learned "sit" and we've only had her barely 48 hours. other than that she hasn't had any accidents in the house, chews only on toys, and is the sweetest girl.

if the first 2 days are any indicator, i think we will have a good experience fostering. i'm a little worried about how i'll feel once she gets adopted, but it will be great to know that she's going to her forever family. if anyone local is looking for an awesome dog, jilly is available for adoption and after 2 days i can pretty safely say that i think she would make a great addition to any family! if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

peace, love, & paw prints!
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