Costume Party 2013!

Halloween arrived to our house on Saturday with our 2nd annual Halloween Costume Party! I wasn't sure if we were going to have another one, but we had such a great time last year we knew we had to do it again! I've never even been a huge fan of Halloween, but I love seeing what kind of costumes everyone comes up with! I've said it before - we don't really need a reason to get our friends together because they are that awesome - but seeing everyone in fun costumes sure is a good reason!

So, here are our's:

You also get a sneak peak of our latest project on the wall behind us! It's not totally finished yet, but I'll post all the details when it is! I love it already!!! :)

Anyway, Josh mentioned a few weeks ago that he wanted to be a gnome which I thought was silly at first until he showed me that it was actually a "big headed evil gnome" and I was sold! haha! He tried it on the other day and walked down the stairs and Lola freaked out on him. The hair on her back was standing up and I was pretty sure she was gonna rip his legs off until he started talking to her and she realized it was him. Poor girl.

Speaking of my girl, she made a beautiful princess and Kosmo was her adorable frog:

And yes, she definitely kissed him! ;) I think the look on her face says, "Yeah, I know I am a Princess."
I loved her little costume.. except the cute little hat broke TWICE within about 20 minutes... which was fine because I don't think she would have left it on anyways, and at least we got her picture in it. But the costume even had cute little ribbons to go around her feet which I thought were super adorable. Poor Kosmo's frog costume swallowed him up. It had a shirt and pants too but it was way too big. Poor guy is too long for size small clothes but too skinny for mediums. So we just had him wear the hat/eyes. We debated on making him a pea (so they could be The Princess & The Pea) but you couldn't really tell was the pea costume was and I just thought the frog was cuter!! So here they are, The Princess & The Frog!

Our parties don't really have games or anything, but as per usual we had the "photo booth" set up in the basement. I decorated the backdrop this time to give it a little theme.

The only sort of "game" I was hoping to have was a costume contest. But then I forgot. Just like last year. Oops!  Someone needs to remind me of these things before I have wine.

But, here were some of my favorite costumes anyway!

Aaron and Kara MADE these costumes! Props for it being a cool costume in general, but extra bonus points since they actually made everything!

Brian & Nikki as a ninja & geisha... they always have cool costumes! We borrowed their's from last year for the CrossFit Halloween party on Friday! (more on that later..)

I loved Dr. Kyle & Laine's costumes, too! Laine made her's last minute on Friday after the ones they ordered were cheap quality & not what they wanted. Seriously... how do I know this many creative and crafty people?! I would never even think of most of these costumes and even if I did I would have no clue how to go about making one. I like my costumes to be ready straight of the package! ;)

Those were probably my top 3 favorites, but really I loved everyone's costumes! We had a Phil from Duck Dynasty & his wife, Deb & Dexter from Dexter, the classic wall outlet and plug in, and lots more I'm sure I'm forgetting... here are a few..

My big headed evil gnome!

Seriously.. does my mom make a great hippie or what?!

Yeah... this thing walking around your house is a tad creepy.

Over all? Our 2nd Halloween Party was a success! I missed my family though, who all had other obligations they had to go to this year. Hopefully they can make it next year!

Happy Halloween!!!!