Hawaii! Part 10: The Luau & The Magic Show

Only a couple parts left to the Hawaii re-cap, I promise! :)  

We saw two "shows" while we were in Hawaii and both of them were in Maui!

Of course, when in Hawaii I felt we needed to experience a luau. Because duh... when you think Hawaii you think luaus, right? I didn't book one before we left for Hawaii because I wasn't sure what day would be best.Turns out I probably should have because this particular one was already sold out for the entire time we were going to be in Maui by the time I called about it. I called on our next to last day in Kauai... oops. So we were put on the waiting list and meanwhile  I looked into doing one in Kauai. That one had plenty of openings (which told me the one in Maui must be better ;)), but Nikki's cousin had done the one in Maui and LOVED it and it was only $10-15 more so I decided to chance it and hope we got in. Luckily we got in -- obviously -- but I didn't know until the day we left Kauai! So if we hadn't gotten in, we wouldn't have been able to go to a luau.

Anyway, it was worth it!

We went to the Old Lahaina Luau. Apparently it's one of the most traditional Hawaiian luaus in Hawaii. Of course I have nothing to compare it to, but it was pretty cool. We got lei'd and everything.

One of the best parts about the luau was that it had a buffet and an open bar. This was awesome after a week of spending $10 for a mixed drink and $50 for dinner. Josh and I have been spoiled on our all-inclusive vacations the past few years!

Our waitress, Reese, was awesome!

And we got wardrobe ideas for future family photos while on vacation. After dinner, the show started!

Loved it!

We also saw Warren & Annabelle's Magic Show. It was pretty much the first thing we did without Brian and Nikki, so I dubbed it our "date night." :D

We had a great time there! The show was awesome! You can go for just the show, or you can join them for appetizers before the show, which is more like dinner. I would suggest for anyone going -- they offer a package for like $20 more per person which includes a combination platter, drinks, and dessert for EACH of you. It's supposed to save you money, and I guess it would if you eat like a pig. Josh and I opted for the "a la carte" option and split everything and still had food left over, which saved us some money.

Anyway, like I said the show was great! And Josh was inadvertently  part of it. At one point, Warren went around the audience asking all the guys if they had a 100 dollar bill. No one did until he got to Josh. From that point on, Josh was nicknamed "Floyd" (everyone involved in the show was nicknamed a character from Mayberry) and his $100 bill was MIA.

After a few jokes with it, Warren put it in a tiny envelope and sealed it....

Then lit it on fire!

Then the joke for the rest of the night was something along the lines of,  "Oops! Sorry about your money, Floyd."

Finally at the end of the night, Warren cut into a lemon, and there was the $100!

How you get a $100 bill inside of a lemon is beyond me. I have no idea how he did it! We know it was the same $100 too, because he wrote down the serial number before the burned it.

And it was wet and smelled like lemon when we got it back.

I think that's Josh's "ewww my money smells like money and lemon" face.

Anyway, overall it was a fantastic show!

Actually, they both were and we'd highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in Maui!
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