solid awesome weekend.

i used to not like fall. i don't know why because now it's my favorite season of them all. i love the pumpkin picking! the apple cider! the boots & scarves! the crisp temperatures!


this weekend was one of those pretty solid awesome weekends. one that was just packed full of awesome, you know? it started on friday (obviously... most weekends do) with the harvest homecoming beer walk. which for me translates into liquor and wine.. ha! (not mixed together, of course.) not a fan of beer, but definitely a fan of a fun night out with friends. plus i thought we all looked cute and coordinated nicely, which we didn't even plan!

we also finished painting our living room and kitchen! yays! and by we, i mean josh. he wouldn't let me help and did most of it between the hours of midnight and 5am a couple nights, so i was sound asleep anyway. someone has to keep kosmo and lola company in the bed so they don't get scared, you know? so i took one for the team ;)

our house looked like a tornado went through for about a week, but it is finally somewhat liveable again and i LOVE the new color! i'll post a real before & after soon :)

paint monkey!

i also finally got our porch all pretty for fall!

well, all ready minus the pumpkins, which we are going to pick this weekend! yay! more wine and pumpkins! have i mentioned that i LOVE fall?!

 and possibly my most favorite part of the weekend: jilly bean went to her forever home!

she went to live with my "crossfit mom" janice! i could not have asked for a better turn out to our foster situation if i planned one myself. i was fully expecting to have jill for at least a few months if not longer (the average time for fostering an adult dog i was told is about 6-9 months), not just a few weeks! we had her a little less than 2 weeks before janice decided to adopt her, and less than 3 weeks total! i had no idea janice would even be interested in her when i got her but i'm so happy because now i can still see her whenever i want to! seriously.. some things are just meant to be, you know?

and that's kinda how i feel about a lot of stuff in life lately... i just feel like i'm where i'm supposed to be, doing what i'm supposed to be doing.. and that's a good feeling :)

hope you all had a good weekend! happy hump day! :)
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