A couple weeks ago I participated in my 2nd triathlon ever. You can read about my first one here.

My CrossFit coach Case's family owns an awesome lake. It's seriously awesome. Like I thought our lake was awesome until I saw their's. Okay, our's is still awesome, but they have so many TOYS! It's like a playground for grown ups! They have jet skis, paddle boards, canoes, 4 wheelers, etc etc...

Anyway, every year they put on a just-for-fun triathlon - 400m swim across the lake, 8 mile bike ride, 2 mile run. I couldn't do it last year because Josh's sister was getting married that day and I don't think she would have appreciated us missing her wedding for it. Well, I wouldn't have missed her wedding anyways, but I did really want to do the tri so I'm glad I got to do it this year!

Sticking to my method from last time, I did not train for this race. Of course, CrossFit is good training, but I didn't do any actual triathlon training. Not sure if that's good or bad, but it is what it is. I probably wouldn't recommend that (or do it) for anything longer than this race, but for these distances it seems to be okay.

The swim terrified me. Last time it was the bike ride that intimidated me because I was an inexperienced biker and had just gotten my bike a few weeks prior and was fairly certain I was going to crash and get run over. This year, I've been riding my bike pretty regularly so I was fine with it. But the swim, it was an open water swim.... all the way across the lake. I have never done an open water swim before and it freaked. me. out.

I bought a swim belt off Amazon but my friend Jennifer ended up bringing the boogie boards pictured above. (It's not a super competitive race so they don't care if you use life-saving devices in the swim.. or bikes with a basket and streamers on the side.. or walk the entire run and take 3 hours to go 2 miles.) Everyone thought we'd be zooming across the lake with the boogie boards, so I gave my swim belt to Debbie and used one of the boogie boards. Turns out, I am not speedy on boogie boards. In fact, I can barely move on them. Jennifer and I quickly found ourselves at the back of the pack going across the lake. I switched it out for a life jacket about half way through and that made all the difference. I wish I'd stuck with my swim belt though, because I think it would have been a lot easier to swim with just that instead of a bulky life jacket.

Nevertheless, I made it through the swim and wasn't last out of the water which I was almost surprised, but happy, about.

The bike was pretty uneventful.. 8 miles through country roads. Erin, Debbie, and I pretty much rode the whole thing together.


Then it was time for the 2 mile run. Which, in a surprising turn of events, was actually the hardest part of the whole thing for me. It's strange to me that I used to be able to run for 10+ miles at time, for hours straight, and now running is hard. But to be fair, most of this was off-road running and I'm not an experienced trail runner at all. It's totally different than road running, so that was probably most of the reason.

Either way, I still had a great time! Didn't break any records, but it was a good workout for the day. We came in at a little over an hour. Not sure what the official time was - I don't think they had an "official" clock anyway , and I didn't wear my Garmin because it's not waterproof.

Big thanks to Coach Case and his family for all the hard work they put into the race and for letting us enjoy their beautiful property!