Weekends & Weddings

Last weekend we attended our good friends, Ryan and Heather's wedding! (where, as evidenced by the above photo, it was nearly impossible to get a good photo together... we took several and this was the best. Oh well, they can't all be frame-worthy,  right? Plus it wasn't just us -- we couldn't get a good picture of any of our couple friends!) 

I mean really, what is going on here? Tickle, tickle?

Anyway, the reception was at Huber's where a good time is always had. And Heather was a beautiful bride. And the weather was seriously perfect. AND they had a fireworks show once it got dark! 

Oh, AND I caught the bouquet! 

I wonder what that means.... ;)

Congratulations, Ryan and Heather!! We wish you many happy years together!


In other news, this weekend while it rained non-stop (literally) we started PAINTING and our house currently looks like a war zone! 


We are painting the living room/kitchen/eat-in area (since it's all one big room basically we have to paint all of it obviously) and so far I love it! I don't love the messy state of our house, but I'm excited about the changes that are taking place! More on that later!

Happy Monday!