3rd annual ice skating party!

3rd year in a row. you know what that means right? yep, it's a tradition! actually, i believe 2 years in a row makes it a tradition.. the 3rd year just kinda finalizes it.

anyway, it started with my friend heather and i making plans to go ice skating. we then sent out a facebook message to some friends hoping a few could join us. we never seem to be able to find a day that actually works for everyone but i think we did it this year! we planned on lunch at a new burger place downtown before skating and our reservation went from 4 to 17 to 29 people total. plus some kids. craziness!

not to be sappy, but i remember a time in my life when i felt so alone and prayed to God for real friends. He has answered my prayers... and then some!

anywho.. it was cold but fun, and i only fell once.. and it was josh's fault. he tried to slingshot me into somebody.... i guess that's what he gets (or what i get) for trying to be an ice skating bully! don't worry, i (obviously) survived, with only a bruise to the elbow. my poor little elbow.


this is totally off-topic, but if you have dogs you should use the website chewy.com to purchase their food! if you use this link: http://www.chewy.com/rp/1668 and sign up for autoship derby city dog rescue (the rescue we fostered jill through) automatically gets a $20 donation! as far as i know there's not a minimum order requirement either. super easy! and chewy has all kinds of brands of dog food (as well as treats, toys, etc) and autoship is awesome because now we never have to think about getting dog food again... it just automatically shows up at our door!! you can tell it how often you want it to ship too. AND it's actually cheaper than the store on most brands and i believe they have free shipping on orders over $49. there's really no reason not to do it. if you're not local there may be a way to benefit another rescue near you but i'm not sure how to find that out. either way, i know derby city takes in a lot of dogs, many with expensive medical needs, so they can always use donations. :)

totally not a sponsored post, i just like to help out the doggies whenever i can plus i think it's a great service!

happy hump day!
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