A Tale of 4 Christmases (part 2)

The 3rd of our 4 Christmases took place on Saturday at Aunt Kathy's house. As usual, it didn't disappoint. Aunt Kathy knows how to throw an awesome holiday get together. We ate delicious noms, opened presents, played Dominoes (it's a tradition!), and just had a good time hanging out.

We drew names again this year. I think it's fun having just one person to buy for -- you can (or at least should, I suppose) put more thought into a gift rather than just giving a bunch of gift cards. Of course, Josh and I had Aunt Kathy & Uncle Richard and we did get them a gift card, but it's for a lunch cruise on the Belle of Louisville and I just got a gift certificate since I wasn't sure what day would be good for them to come down. Hopefully they enjoy it!!

Josh enjoyed photo bombing all my photos :-p

The Eric Face!

Aww... look at the boys, playing with the Hot Wheels track.... without the kids!

Hanging out with the Princess.

Gabi and Asher are at such fun ages... Gabi posed most of us for another family photo.

And Asher was in charge of announcements!

Dominoes is a Christmas Day tradition and since it was Grandma's favorite, Eric insisted we bring her out for the game again. :) Miss you, Grandma. We ended our night with kisses under the mistletoe.


It really was a great day with family! We went back to North Vernon on Sunday for Christmas at my Grammy's house. A lot of  years her Christmas falls on the same day as Aunt Kathy's and I'm not able to make it, or if I do most of my cousins have already left by the time I get there. But this year it was the day after and all of my cousins were able to make it! Even Brittany from Japan!!!

Grammy with all of her grandkids :) Erin, Brittany, Bryan, and me.

3 generations :)

And of course.. Bubby! He is getting so big!!!

It was a fun day catching up with my cousins that I don't get to see very often. And next time I see Brittany I'll be in JAPAN!!! Crazy! I was slightly worried about the plane ride but she's done it at least twice now all by herself, so it can't be that bad, right?! And I won't even be by myself!

We missed Uncle Joe who got stuck at work last minute, but otherwise it was so good to catch up with everyone. And isn't that what the holidays are all about -- spending time with people you love? That's all I could really ask for.

Hope you got to spend some good time with those you love as well. Everyone ready for the new year?! Bring it on, 2014!
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