Christmas, so far {via instagram}

well, hello there!

if anyone still reads this thing? it's been awhile. since my last post we spent a few days in washington DC that i still have to write about, and of course celebrated christmas!

we hope you had a wonderful christmas. i've had a pretty awesome one thus far. we've had 3.5 christmas celebrations, with 1 to go tomorrow. 
it's been wonderful getting to spend quality time with family and friends. we switched up a few of our traditions this year with josh's family, but were able to find a time where everyone could be here at once. nothing better! 
we went to north vernon to celebrate with my dad's side of the family today, and will go back for my mom's side tomorrow. 
i also went on our annual day after christmas shopping with kristen -- who i don't see nearly enough, and really won't now that she's moving all the way to lousiana in a few months!! -- and was reminded how blessed i am to have a friend who 1) even though time passes, when we get together it's like no time has passed at all and 2) will drop anything and just come to your house in the middle of your holiday-induced emotional breakdown just to talk and make you laugh at 10pm. yes, that really happened on christmas eve. i'm getting better about genuinely enjoying this time of the year again, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's easy. it probably never will be, and that's okay. it wouldn't be christmas without at least one ugly-cry fest, right? and kristen gets it. unfortunately. she lost her daddy too, so she understands. i hate that for her but am so grateful for it at the same time.

anywho. it really has been an awesome christmas. i will be back to share it all soon. hopefully. for now, here are some instagram snapshots of it.

hope your holidays have been filled with love, laughter, good times, and many blessings.


p.s. you can keep much more up to date with us on instagram! i post a lot over there and i plan to try to do another project 365 in 2014...instagram style this time! anyway, more on that later... i'm @thelynnied! let's be friends!