Thanksgiving weekend FTW!

oh hey. thanksgiving was a week ago. i started this post last saturday and am just now posting it, if that tells you anything... :-p (not sure what it's supposed to tell you other than that either i've been crazy busy or i suck at blogging. i suppose both are true.)

happy post-turkey hangover day! i feel like my pants should no longer fit after 4 days of carbs overload, but i really wasn't that bad. i did have seconds at thanksgiving and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake pie because duh AND a piece of caramel apple cake... but we didn't even get any leftovers except a tiny bit from my friend sheri after i went to her house on friday! so i only ate like 3 servings of thanksgiving food over the 4 days which in comparison to most years is basically nothing.

and bonus, my pants still fit!

we went to josh's sister amy's house for dinner. and i tried to get an obligatory photo with my B because that's what you do on holidays but he wasn't having any of it.

maybe he was self-conscious about his pants not fitting?

i finally gave in. this was the best i could do.

and other than that it was a glorious 4 days of eating, lounging, napping, and decorating for christmas.

you guys, don't tell josh because i'm not sure if he noticed, but i somehow tricked him into willingly putting up the tree before december this year! when i first met him, you were lucky if it was up by christmas eve. my next mission is to talk him into getting a real live tree. one day...

so our halls have been decked & the stockings are hung...

check out those nails! methinks bear-bear needs a pawdicure, don't you?! i could paint them sparkly red for christmas!

so what about you... did you have a good one? do your pants still fit? ARE YOU SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS? i think we can tell where i stand with that.

 i love smiling! smiling is my favorite.*

 * if you don’t know the movie, i am forced to question the future of our relationship. just saying.