A St. Lucian Honeymoon

Our wedding reception ended at 11pm, and we were on a plane to St. Lucia by 5:30am the next morning. To help you out with the math, I got about 1 hour of sleep. True, that doesn't work out exactly right by the numbers but I never said I was good at math.... that's why I married Josh, he's the math genius of this relationship! ;)

one hour of sleep does not look good on anybody

Anywho, in some senses honeymoon planning was more difficult for me than wedding planning. We were originally planning a big once in a lifetime trip, but then our friends/neighbors/travel buddies Brian & Nikki decided they wanted to go with us... so that trip is on the books for 2015 now. Once we settled on that, I stressed myself out trying to pick the perfect honeymoon location. I was putting way too much pressure on the trip since it was our honeymoon.

Should we go to Europe? Back to Hawaii? We finally decided to do a low-key, relaxing, all-inclusive Caribbean vacation. I was a little sad to wait on our big trip, but I have to admit I was pretty pumped about not having to plan it at the same time I was planning our wedding. And once we got to St. Lucia, it was nice to not have to think about or do a single thing after 6 months of wedding planning.

We were debating between St. Lucia and going back to Jamaica. We (obviously) ultimately decided on St. Lucia and I'm glad we did! I love Jamaica, and it's kind "our place" since it was the first vacation we went on together and we've been a couple times, but it's always nice to see a new place and experience new things together too. And St. Lucia didn't disappoint.

unnamed (6)-2

my Japanese pedicure made it all the way to St. Lucia! I'm beginning to think these babies would be worth the plane ticket to Japan every 2 months! ;) 


So, about those rings.

My dear sweet husband LOST his ring in the sea on the first full day of our honeymoon. I cried. He borrowed a snorkel from a local. I cried some more. I knew we were still married and blah blah but still. 

After about an hour of snorkeling, he found it!

I was shocked. I honestly thought it was a goner. I mean who loses their ring in the sea where they can't touch the bottom and aren't exactly sure when or where it fell off, and then finds it?!

Unfortunately, two days later.... you guessed it...  my dear sweet husband -- bless him  -- lost his ring in the sea again.

I knew we wouldn't be so lucky the 2nd time. This time I was slightly angry because, duh!, you don't wear your ring in the water after you already lost it in the water once. Sometimes my husband doesn't act as smart as he really is ;)

So his wedding ring now lives in the bottom of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of St. Lucia.

It was a whole 'nother ordeal getting him a new one, but we finally got him one... the same ring, a size smaller, and all is well with the world and our marriage again ;)

We did a couple excursions in St. Lucia which I will write about soon! I still haven't even uploaded the pictures from our waterproof camera yet!

I love being married!