Running was something I never thought I could do. It was hard, I hated it, and I thought only crazy people ran miles at a time for fun. 

When I met Josh in 2009 he was training for a half marathon, which he ran about 3 weeks after I met him. I went to his race and I was inspired. I literally didn't think I could do it, but I started training - first for a 5k, then eventually for my ultimate goal: a half marathon. I went from never running ever to running 13.1 miles in 6 months. I was so incredibly proud of myself! My entire running journey is documented here on the blog :)

Unfortunately, I got injured in 2011 when I started trying to train for a full marathon. I eventually had to stop running almost altogether to heal. I still run occasionally, but not as consistently as I used to. 

Here are a few posts I wrote before for anyone looking to start running. I promise, if I can do it - you CAN! :)

1. The Basics (Getting Started From Ground Zero)

2. What to Wear & Helpful Accessories

3. Nutrition & Hydration

4. Advanced Running (A 10K & Beyond!)

5. The Inevitable: Injuries & What to do About Them

My favorite resources for runners:

Runner’s World  
John Bingham – The Penguin Chronicles

Run Less, Run Faster

The Runner’s Rule Book